Relaxing Background Music – Acoustic V1

Relaxing Background Music - Acoustic V1

Relaxing Background Music – Acoustic V1 – Music Pack

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Give your multimedia projects a warm, soothing vibe with this relaxing background music pack. This download features plenty of acoustic guitar with happy, upbeat melodies. These tracks are ideal for documentaries, instructional videos, travel shows and pretty much any type of project that needs that friendly, acoustic quality.

The soothing, earthy tone of the acoustic guitar, creates a sense of creativity and relaxation that everyone can identify with. Take a listen to the previews of these six acoustic tracks using the play buttons below.

6 Relaxing Acoustic Background Music Tracks for Instant Download

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When you absolutely must have that acoustic sound track for your project, ‘Relaxing Background Music – Acoustic V1‘ is ready to put the finishing touches to your background music score. These six tracks were written and performed solely for the purposes of provided you with the ideal music bed for your multimedia projects.

Most usage requirements covered in our standard royalty free music license and you can see a list of suggested uses in the side bar to the right.

What is a Music Pack?

A music pack is simply a collection of music files that you can download as soon as you’ve completed your order. With this music pack you get six full songs to download in both MP3 and WAVE file format. It’s kind of like buying an album from iTunes except you’ll be licensed to use these tracks in your multimedia projects.


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Track 1 – A Place In The Sun (Duration – 2:19) Track 2 – The Carpenter (Duration – 2:04)Track 3 – Lunar Eclipse – (Duration – 3:30)Track 4 – Melancholy Mahogany (Duration – 2:11)Track 5 – Supercool (Duration – 2.25)Track 6 – Outsider (Duration – 3:49)


What Do I Get With This Download?

These 6 relaxing background music tracks feature instrumental acoustic music that you can just drop right into your latest project for the ideal musical score. Each song contains melodic elements with laid back grooves and unobtrusive song arrangements that work well under a voice over.

You’ll get to download your Music Pack immediately after completing your purchase. We provide download links to the 6 tracks in both MP3 and WAVE file format to ensure that you get the best in sound quality and convenience.

Relaxing Background Music AcousticWhen you purchase this relaxing background music pack, you’ll get to download the files right away. It’s really simple to order and download your sounds so you can get back to working on your project.

Six tracks are included in this Music Pack and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. MP3 and WAVE formats are both included in your instant download.

Download ‘Relaxing Background Music – Acoustic V1’ today and give your presentations the reassuring tone of the acoustic guitar.

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