Sad Background Music V1

Sad Background Music

Sad Background Music V1 – Music Pack

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Just try to hold back the tears and keep it together. ‘Sad Background Music V1’ delivers six moody and emotional tracks that tug at the heart strings and really capture a sense of loss in a beautiful, melodic way. Featuring a tasteful blend of piano music with acoustic and orchestral accompaniment, ‘Sad Background Music V1’ will give your projects the perfect sound track for sad scenes and poignant moments.

6 Sad Background Music Tracks for Instant Download

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With ‘Sad Background Music V1’, we’ve captured the very essence of heartache with 6 tracks of slow and introspective music, that adds instant depth and emotional weight to any project. Whether you’re producing a documentary video, game soundtrack or television drama, your standard Q-Music license will cover you for pretty much most uses. See the usage list to the right for a quick list of acceptable uses.

What is a Music Pack?

A music pack is simply a collection of music files that you can download as soon as you’ve completed your order. With this music pack you get six full songs to download in both MP3 and WAVE file format. It’s kind of like buying an album from iTunes except you’ll be licensed to use these tracks in your multimedia projects.


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Track 1 – Lost Soul (Duration – 2:54) Track 2 – The Love You Lost (Duration – 3:37)Track 3 – In Another Life (Duration – 3:26)Track 4 – Arctic Winter (Duration – 2:37)Track 5 – Homeless at Christmas (Duration – 2.58)Track 6 – Siberian Tundra (Duration – 2:58)


What Do I Get With This Download?

You get six sad background music tracks that were created specifically to infuse your multimedia projects with a sound track of pure melancholy and sorrow. Just take a listen to these track previews to hear the six, sombre tracks of ‘Sad Background Music V1’.

Sad Background MusicWhen you purchase this sad background music pack, you’ll get to download the files right away. It’s really simple to order and download your sounds so you can get back to working on your project.

Six tracks are included in this Music Pack and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. MP3 and WAVE formats are both included in your instant download.

Download ‘Sad Background Music V1’ right now and create the ideal sorrowful sound track for your projects. Be sure to check out ‘Sad Background Music V2‘ for the perfect partner to this music pack.

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