Scary Background Music

Scary Background Music

The Horror V1 – Music Pack

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Want to Terrify Your Audience? When you need the ultimate scary background music sound track, ‘The Horror V1’ will chill your spine and raise the hairs on the back of your neck in abject terror. Need to create a creepy atmosphere of suspense and fear in just a few clicks? We created this scary background music pack so that you’ll always have the perfect sound track to your horror themed projects.

These royalty free music tracks are mixed and mastered to perfection and are ready to be synched up in your latest commercial, movie, trailer, video game or general multimedia project.

8 Scary Background Music Tracks for Instant Download

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This Music Pack contains 8 dramatic tracks with the sole purpose of scaring your audience silly. Whether you’re producing a corporate video, game soundtrack or television drama, your standard Q-Music license will cover you for pretty much most uses. See the usage list to the right for a quick list of acceptable uses.

What is a Music Pack?

A music pack is simply a collection of music files that you can download as soon as you’ve completed your order. With this music pack you get eight full songs to download in both MP3 and WAVE file format. It’s kind of like buying an album from iTunes except you’ll be licensed to use these tracks in your multimedia projects.

What Do I Get With This Download?

These eight scary background music tracks feature a very orchestral sound that gives your projects that ‘silver screen’ quality. Your viewers will think you spent a fortune on Hollywood studio sound tracks. Just take a listen to these track previews to hear ‘The Horror V1’ in action.


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Track 1 – Infestation (Duration – 1:35) Track 2 – Chased By Demons (Duration – 3:56)Track 3 – Lurker (Duration – 2:45)Track 4 – Unholy Union (Duration -1:50)Track 5 – Demon Seed (Duration -1.20)Track 6 – Mr Hyde (Duration – 1.05)Track 7 – Slasher (Duration – 0:59)
Track 8 – Dark Corridor (Duration – 1:29)


Orchestral Scary Background Music DownloadsWhen you purchase this scary background music pack, you’ll get to download the files right away. It’s really simple to order and download your sounds so you can get back to working on your project.

Eight tracks are included in this Music Pack and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. MP3 and WAVE formats are both included in your instant download.

Download ‘The Horror V1’ right now and scare the living daylights out of your audience.

$54.95Add to cart